Star Wars: Imperial Entanglements

Episode X
Hidden Treasure

Before arriving back on Nar Shaddaa on the Deathwind Spear, the PCs are contacted by Iovat’nanar who advises them that since the suspected Imperial contact on Nar Shaddaa was aware of them, the planet is now a hot spot of Imperial collaborators and bounty hunters. They are asked to travel to a small settlement on Nal Hutta itself.
There they meet Unrok and KR-VE, and are introduced to Grodeeba Koslivic, head of the crime family. She advises that she has work for the PCs, but that they need to disappear for a few days first.

Finding from rebel contacts that Inquisitor Avamaida is currently on Kashyyyk, they use this opportunity to travel to Ukio, and break into the unguarded Imperial store there. They locate the shipment from the inquisitor awaiting collection, finding a Holocron and other assorted data.
Their sloppy break-in has alerted a nearby garrison, and they escape the planet just before the dispatched TIE fighters can discover them.

They are contacted by one of Grodeeba’s lieutenants, a faleen called Kynza Azahiir, and rendezvous with the High Wallow in the Gamorr system. The PCs along with Kynza, Iovat’nanar, Unrok and Karawr, travel to the Tattooine system to be guests of Jabba the Hutt for a festival and business meeting he is holding.

Episode IX

Using Ormm’s mechanical and computer skill, the PCs are able to move to one of the prison transport systems, and manage to make it to the top level where the prison control systems are. In the corridor outside are what appears to be two bulky Stormtroopers, but in attacking them they realise that there are not living Stormtroopers, but prototype Dark Troopers. Despite the heavy plaster rifle of Yain and T-Bone’s disruptor pistol, the Dark Troopers seem incredible resistant to damage. Aola calls on the force to a greater degree than she has ever done before, and pulls large parts of damaged equipment from the ceiling to crush the Dark Troopers.
During this battle, the ship’s black box recorder is launched, and continues to receive data and video for some time. In time, this footage of the PCs makes it’s way to Imperial intelligence, and the recording of Aola using the force to destroy two Dark Troopers is eventually received by Inquisitor Avamaida.

They enter the control room, where they intimidate all except Captain Pollak to surrender. The captain is quickly killed in a short gunfight, and they release all 2,000 prisoners, causing chaos in the prison side of the ship. Now in the control room, T-Bone uses the threat of the Omega Protocol to bring the prison riot under control, and uses the prisoners to take control of the operations side of the ship, delivering it , and the prisoners to the Rebel Alliance.

Episode VIII
Lock Up

The PCs find themselves on an Imperial black prison ship, which no idea how to proceed. Their discussions carry on so long that two crew arrive at the storeroom, hear something and move to investigate. The PCs hear them coming and hide, allowing them to get the drop on them and eliminate them without them being able to raise the alarm.

The PCs then begin to explore the ship, finding out that The Impregnable is divided laterally, with the port side dedicated to normal starship operations, and the starboard side being the prison. There are only a few ways through to the prison, all guarded.

The PCs overpower the guards at one transfer point, slice the surveillance systems to hide themselves and move into the prison. There is another short engagement with a prison patrol, and the PCs are forced to hide in a cell while monitoring Imperial communications, finding out that the prison warden, Captain Golrin Pollak, maintains a last ditch security procedure, the Omega Protocol, that involves locking down and individual section of the prison, and detaching it from the ship to float into space.

Episode VII
Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

Aola tries again to sneak into the base, but is spotted, setting off alarms.
T-Bone quickly takes Aola’s robe, and allows himself to be captured, freeing Aola and Yain to rush to the Lambda shuttle and secret themselves aboard.
T-Bone is interrogated by base Commander Spero, who he manipulates into imprisoning him with Corr Maden for transport to the prison barge.
While on-route to the rendezvous point in the Lambda Shuttle, Aola and Yain reveal themselves, eliminating the prison escort and capturing Commander Spero, the pilot and co-pilot, and the loading staff.
Although Spero cannot be coerced, the PCs force the pilot to send to codes to dock with the prison barge TC-534 the ‘ Impregnable’.
Once onboard, Corr Maden is escorted into prison custody by staff posing as Stormtroopers, while the PCs hide in crates and are shipped to a storage room.

Episode VI

Before selling the freighter 4B-14, the PCs find some clues about the operations of the Outer Rim Supply Fleet. Specifically they find:

  • The locations of two Outer Rim Imperial bases, neither of which are registered on star charts.
    • One is a supply base, containing vast quantities of supplies, fuel and weapons. It is located in the Suarbi system, in the Quench sector.
    • The other is a listening post on Tattooine, scooping and analysing data from the Gaulus(including Ryloth), Dalchon, Arkanis(including Tattooine and Geonosis) and Savareen(including Rodia) sectors.
  • A secret prison barge route for taking sensitive prisoners from the Outer Rim (especially the Kessel, Bheriz, Baxel, Albanin, Al’Nasrl and Galov sectors) around Hutt space and into the Mid Rim to an Imperial prison on Nanth’ri in the Kurost Sector.
  • And finally, scarce details of a recent special delivery from an ‘Inquisitor Avamaida’ to a holding facility on Ukio in the Abrion sector.

Riv and Aola begin investigating these leads, both through open-source computer searches, and asking about both on Nar Shaddaa, and making calls to contacts in other sectors.

They discover a great deal of information about the supply base on Susevfi in the Subari system, Supply base Quence Alpha One, finding out about its large size and overly strict commanding officer, Major Krease.

Unfortunately, their researches, along with Aola’s existing place on am imperial watch-list cause some flags to be raised in an Imperial Intelligence office somewhere.

They continue their researches into the listening post, but only find its name Listening Post Blue-Skies, and the fact it was commissioned in the last few months by Darth Vader himself.

At this time, the Rodian Zudlao Grui approaches Riv and Aola and advises them that a local businessman, who is a suspected imperial source or even agent Jolla Alen has been asking about them. Due to Unrok and Karawr vouching for the PCs, no one in Grodeeba’s organisation has spoken to him, but they does not mean others will not have.

T-Bone hits the streets of Nar Shaddaa to find out about Jolla Alen, but turns up nothing incriminating other than that he is a businessman importing speeder parts and generates enough local business that he would be missed. The difficulty in getting people to talk about him might be interpreted as suspicious on its own.

Deciding that further investigation on Nar Shaddaa is dangerous they decide to concentrate of rescuing prisoners from the prison barge, and they contact the Rebel Alliance to see if anyone has been captured in any of the systems on its route. Urel Haydon from Resolute Base reports that a rebel commando group from another cell led by Corr Maden was assigned to blow up a small supply base on Aaclu, but were captured.

The PCs arrive on Aaclu, find that some off duty imperials drink in a bar and T-Bone buys a few drinks and gets one of them, a woman named Bavel, talking, finding the location of the base, that supplies and “Personnel” are to be transported into a meeting location in system tomorrow night, and that there will be a reduced staff on during the day.

The PCs share a taxi to the base (some 150Km from town) with the imperial staff, with T-Bone lifting Bevel’s security pass, and hide themselves nearby when a pack of local rodent/canine things attack the electrified fence, shorting it out and ripping a hole, but alerting two of the nearby watchtowers. Distracting the watchtowers and redirecting the lights they try to sneak to 150M from the wall to the supply building, but only T-Bone and Yain make it past the searchlights, with Riv and Aola unable to make it and back up to outside the fence to avoid being seen.

T-Bone tries his stolen security pass and finds that is fails to open the door.

Episode V
Rebel Strike

The PCs are contacted by the rebel alliance and informed that another operative will join them; one Ormm has worked with before. They are joined by Riv, and meet Unrok in the Gloomy Hollow, a sports bar in the Correllian district on Nar Shaddaa. With Unrok are Karawr and Iovat’nanar.

Iovat’nanar informs the PCs that she knows they they shot up the Coruscanti Queen (Tillio, one of the Hutts from the Sabbacc game is Grodeeba’s great-nephew). Iovat’nanar had contracted Thamoss to recover 500 imperial blaster rifles and after his contact (Corte Voss) failed she and the PCs shot up the party barge. In order to get both Corte and themselves off the hook the PCs will need to get 500 rifles fast. Luckily Iovat’nanar has a lead on am imperial light freighter, 4B-14, (part of the Outer Rim Supply Fleet) that will spend about 12 hours in an uninhabited system as part of its route.

The PCs intercept the ship, find that its computer security is lax and manage to dock without being spotted until the ships connect. The PCs storm the ship, killing the garrison, captain and some of the crew, but spare enough to get the ship back to Nar Shaddaa.

Iovat’nanar advises them that selling military ships is hard, but she will take if off their hands, along with the Stormtrooper armour and blasters.

Episode IV
Party Time

Unrok informs the PCs he will be late meeting/paying them, but gives them tickets to the Coruscanti Queen party barge. After buying some party clothes Teeubo “T-Bone” Tarkona, Aola Tarkona and Ormm take the shuttle to the large party barge, which completes a 12 hour tour of Nar Shaddaa sights.

On board the PCs run into Grak, a Gamorrean slaver with ties to the Tusi-Mardo Syndicate, and Ormm bumps into him, spilling a drink and angering him. In his anger he hits one of his two Twi’lek slave-girls and Aola takes offence, sneakily using the force to throw him over the bar and into the drinks. People are shocked at this unbelievable occurrence, but no one realises that it was Aola.

T-Bone notices an attractive Twi’lek smuggler, Corte Voss and begins to chat her up. By appealing to his rampaging libido, Corte convinces T-Bone to help her out in case a business deal goes sour. T-Bone takes Aola to another bar on the Coruscanti Queen and remains aware for Corte’s deal. Before long, Corte’s contact, the well-dressed Trandoshan Thamoss, declines her counter-offer, and after she threatens him he calls on his hidden mercenary security to kill Corte and her crew.

There is a exchange of blaster fire in the bar, with Thamoss injuring Corte who escapes, before T-Bone injures Thamoss who likewise runs for it. Two of Corte’s crew are killed and then security arrives to break up the remaining fight. T-Bone slides into a sabbac game with some young Hutts to avoid notice.
T-Bone spends the rest of the cruise partying with the Hutts and others in the bar, while Aola makes her way to a more civilised ballroom to enjoy herself.

Episode III
Criminal Connections

The PCs deliver the three surviving Wookies Neesh Tensu’s group had to Chawaroo, and left the 10 Wookie pelts there for funeral rites. Returning to Truvvhhurr they report to Captain Shrire that they were unable to capture the Wookies, had some of their number killed and will return at a later date. Captain Shrire is not convinced by T-Bone and has their names put on an Imperial watch-list.

Once they get in orbit, the PCs are contacted by Kreive who reports that Unrok’s Wayfarer Medium Transport the High Wallow is under attack from two Z-95 Headhunters. The PCs assist, destroying one Z-95 and driving off the other which escapes towards a nearby Republic Consular class Cruiser/Frigate. Ormm gets the High Wallow working, and they slave it to the Deathwind Spear’s navcomputer to jump to Nar Shaddaa as requested by Unrok who promises them a reward for saving him and his ship. The PCs discover that the Consular Cruiser belongs to Kassk and he is the head of the slavery arm of the Tusi-Mardo syndicate. They also find out that Unrok is part of the Koslivic crime family, with ties to the Desilijic Kajidic.

Episode II
Enter the Shadowlands

Yain Bandiss is dropped from a low pass over the treetops into the Kashyyyk canopy in a drop-pod. It tracks the PCs speeder and crashes nearby. He climbs down and arrives on the top of the Wookie jedi’s tomb. He scares off the prowling Katarns with a great balster shot and joins the PCs. They escort Mallatobuck and Lumpawaroo to their speeder, but are chased by a Terentatek that they just escape. They travel to Chawaroo but the Wookie celebrations are cut short when another group of bounty hunters led by Neesh Tensu of the Tusi-Mardo syndicate spot the village and speed away. The PCs give chase causing the bounty hunters to push their ship too far and damage the engines, causing it to fall into the depths of Kashyyyk.
Spotting the Wookie prisoners the PCs follow it’s spiraling fall and eventually manage to free and rescue the Wookies with seconds to spare as the speeder is destroyed on the planet floor.

Episode I
Arrival on Kashyyyk

Teeubo “T-Bone” Tarkona, Aola Tarkona and Ormm are sent to Kashyyyk since *Chewbacca*’s family are in danger near the village of Kerrkorrwa. On arriving in the system they are met by a large freighter, and boarded by Unrok, a gamorrean and his droid Krieve. The PCs are given fake bounty hunter IDs arranged by Urel Haydon at Resolute Base. PCs travel to a spaceport on Kashyyyk in the city of Truvvhhurr and a attend briefing about capturing escaped Wookies. Bossk’s group want to hunt from Kerrkorrwa, but Ormm fights a young Trandoshan to get the rights. At Kerrkorrwa the PCs meet their contact, and Ithorian called Erd who informs them that Mallatobuck and Lumpawaroo were escaping to the hidden town of Chawaroo but their speeder crashed in the Shadowlands. PCs track their speeder, they find the wreckage and track the Wookies to an ancient Wookie jedi’s tomb. Aola Tarkona finds the Wookie jedi(Nagaddik, meaning Heroic Guardian)’s blue lightsaber.


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