Tag: Imperial


  • Outer Rim Supply Fleet

    The Outer Rim is far less controlled by the Empire than the Core Worlds, but is patrolled by the Outer Rim Patrol Fleet as a deterrent to resisting Imperial control. Managing this fleet, and the incredible number of bases across the Outer Rim requires a …

  • Supply base Quence Alpha One

    Supply base, containing vast quantities of supplies, fuel and weapons. It is located in the Suarbi system, in the Quench sector. Commanded by Major Krease.

  • Listening Post Blue-Skies

    Set up by mandate from Darth Vader, this listening post on Tattooine is scooping and analysing data from the Gaulus(including Ryloth), Dalchon, Arkanis(including Tattooine and Geonosis) and Savareen(including Rodia) sectors. It is based out of a Sand …

  • The Impregnable

    Designated TC-534, the Impregnable is an Imperial black-prison ship. It is not detailed on any official records, but transports sensitive and high-risk prisoners on a circuitous route around Hutt space. It's route takes it from the Outer Rim (especially …

  • Captain Shrire

    Encountered the PCs when they were posing as bounty hunters on Kashyyyk. Was unconvinced by T-Bone's story about their lack of success and had them put on an Imperial watch-list.