Star Wars: Imperial Entanglements

Episode X

Hidden Treasure

Before arriving back on Nar Shaddaa on the Deathwind Spear, the PCs are contacted by Iovat’nanar who advises them that since the suspected Imperial contact on Nar Shaddaa was aware of them, the planet is now a hot spot of Imperial collaborators and bounty hunters. They are asked to travel to a small settlement on Nal Hutta itself.
There they meet Unrok and KR-VE, and are introduced to Grodeeba Koslivic, head of the crime family. She advises that she has work for the PCs, but that they need to disappear for a few days first.

Finding from rebel contacts that Inquisitor Avamaida is currently on Kashyyyk, they use this opportunity to travel to Ukio, and break into the unguarded Imperial store there. They locate the shipment from the inquisitor awaiting collection, finding a Holocron and other assorted data.
Their sloppy break-in has alerted a nearby garrison, and they escape the planet just before the dispatched TIE fighters can discover them.

They are contacted by one of Grodeeba’s lieutenants, a faleen called Kynza Azahiir, and rendezvous with the High Wallow in the Gamorr system. The PCs along with Kynza, Iovat’nanar, Unrok and Karawr, travel to the Tattooine system to be guests of Jabba the Hutt for a festival and business meeting he is holding.



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