Star Wars: Imperial Entanglements

Episode VIII

Lock Up

The PCs find themselves on an Imperial black prison ship, which no idea how to proceed. Their discussions carry on so long that two crew arrive at the storeroom, hear something and move to investigate. The PCs hear them coming and hide, allowing them to get the drop on them and eliminate them without them being able to raise the alarm.

The PCs then begin to explore the ship, finding out that The Impregnable is divided laterally, with the port side dedicated to normal starship operations, and the starboard side being the prison. There are only a few ways through to the prison, all guarded.

The PCs overpower the guards at one transfer point, slice the surveillance systems to hide themselves and move into the prison. There is another short engagement with a prison patrol, and the PCs are forced to hide in a cell while monitoring Imperial communications, finding out that the prison warden, Captain Golrin Pollak, maintains a last ditch security procedure, the Omega Protocol, that involves locking down and individual section of the prison, and detaching it from the ship to float into space.



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