Star Wars: Imperial Entanglements

Episode VII

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

Aola tries again to sneak into the base, but is spotted, setting off alarms.
T-Bone quickly takes Aola’s robe, and allows himself to be captured, freeing Aola and Yain to rush to the Lambda shuttle and secret themselves aboard.
T-Bone is interrogated by base Commander Spero, who he manipulates into imprisoning him with Corr Maden for transport to the prison barge.
While on-route to the rendezvous point in the Lambda Shuttle, Aola and Yain reveal themselves, eliminating the prison escort and capturing Commander Spero, the pilot and co-pilot, and the loading staff.
Although Spero cannot be coerced, the PCs force the pilot to send to codes to dock with the prison barge TC-534 the ‘ Impregnable’.
Once onboard, Corr Maden is escorted into prison custody by staff posing as Stormtroopers, while the PCs hide in crates and are shipped to a storage room.



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