Star Wars: Imperial Entanglements

Episode VI


Before selling the freighter 4B-14, the PCs find some clues about the operations of the Outer Rim Supply Fleet. Specifically they find:

  • The locations of two Outer Rim Imperial bases, neither of which are registered on star charts.
    • One is a supply base, containing vast quantities of supplies, fuel and weapons. It is located in the Suarbi system, in the Quench sector.
    • The other is a listening post on Tattooine, scooping and analysing data from the Gaulus(including Ryloth), Dalchon, Arkanis(including Tattooine and Geonosis) and Savareen(including Rodia) sectors.
  • A secret prison barge route for taking sensitive prisoners from the Outer Rim (especially the Kessel, Bheriz, Baxel, Albanin, Al’Nasrl and Galov sectors) around Hutt space and into the Mid Rim to an Imperial prison on Nanth’ri in the Kurost Sector.
  • And finally, scarce details of a recent special delivery from an ‘Inquisitor Avamaida’ to a holding facility on Ukio in the Abrion sector.

Riv and Aola begin investigating these leads, both through open-source computer searches, and asking about both on Nar Shaddaa, and making calls to contacts in other sectors.

They discover a great deal of information about the supply base on Susevfi in the Subari system, Supply base Quence Alpha One, finding out about its large size and overly strict commanding officer, Major Krease.

Unfortunately, their researches, along with Aola’s existing place on am imperial watch-list cause some flags to be raised in an Imperial Intelligence office somewhere.

They continue their researches into the listening post, but only find its name Listening Post Blue-Skies, and the fact it was commissioned in the last few months by Darth Vader himself.

At this time, the Rodian Zudlao Grui approaches Riv and Aola and advises them that a local businessman, who is a suspected imperial source or even agent Jolla Alen has been asking about them. Due to Unrok and Karawr vouching for the PCs, no one in Grodeeba’s organisation has spoken to him, but they does not mean others will not have.

T-Bone hits the streets of Nar Shaddaa to find out about Jolla Alen, but turns up nothing incriminating other than that he is a businessman importing speeder parts and generates enough local business that he would be missed. The difficulty in getting people to talk about him might be interpreted as suspicious on its own.

Deciding that further investigation on Nar Shaddaa is dangerous they decide to concentrate of rescuing prisoners from the prison barge, and they contact the Rebel Alliance to see if anyone has been captured in any of the systems on its route. Urel Haydon from Resolute Base reports that a rebel commando group from another cell led by Corr Maden was assigned to blow up a small supply base on Aaclu, but were captured.

The PCs arrive on Aaclu, find that some off duty imperials drink in a bar and T-Bone buys a few drinks and gets one of them, a woman named Bavel, talking, finding the location of the base, that supplies and “Personnel” are to be transported into a meeting location in system tomorrow night, and that there will be a reduced staff on during the day.

The PCs share a taxi to the base (some 150Km from town) with the imperial staff, with T-Bone lifting Bevel’s security pass, and hide themselves nearby when a pack of local rodent/canine things attack the electrified fence, shorting it out and ripping a hole, but alerting two of the nearby watchtowers. Distracting the watchtowers and redirecting the lights they try to sneak to 150M from the wall to the supply building, but only T-Bone and Yain make it past the searchlights, with Riv and Aola unable to make it and back up to outside the fence to avoid being seen.

T-Bone tries his stolen security pass and finds that is fails to open the door.



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