Star Wars: Imperial Entanglements

Episode IX


Using Ormm’s mechanical and computer skill, the PCs are able to move to one of the prison transport systems, and manage to make it to the top level where the prison control systems are. In the corridor outside are what appears to be two bulky Stormtroopers, but in attacking them they realise that there are not living Stormtroopers, but prototype Dark Troopers. Despite the heavy plaster rifle of Yain and T-Bone’s disruptor pistol, the Dark Troopers seem incredible resistant to damage. Aola calls on the force to a greater degree than she has ever done before, and pulls large parts of damaged equipment from the ceiling to crush the Dark Troopers.
During this battle, the ship’s black box recorder is launched, and continues to receive data and video for some time. In time, this footage of the PCs makes it’s way to Imperial intelligence, and the recording of Aola using the force to destroy two Dark Troopers is eventually received by Inquisitor Avamaida.

They enter the control room, where they intimidate all except Captain Pollak to surrender. The captain is quickly killed in a short gunfight, and they release all 2,000 prisoners, causing chaos in the prison side of the ship. Now in the control room, T-Bone uses the threat of the Omega Protocol to bring the prison riot under control, and uses the prisoners to take control of the operations side of the ship, delivering it , and the prisoners to the Rebel Alliance.



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