Star Wars: Imperial Entanglements

Episode IV

Party Time

Unrok informs the PCs he will be late meeting/paying them, but gives them tickets to the Coruscanti Queen party barge. After buying some party clothes Teeubo “T-Bone” Tarkona, Aola Tarkona and Ormm take the shuttle to the large party barge, which completes a 12 hour tour of Nar Shaddaa sights.

On board the PCs run into Grak, a Gamorrean slaver with ties to the Tusi-Mardo Syndicate, and Ormm bumps into him, spilling a drink and angering him. In his anger he hits one of his two Twi’lek slave-girls and Aola takes offence, sneakily using the force to throw him over the bar and into the drinks. People are shocked at this unbelievable occurrence, but no one realises that it was Aola.

T-Bone notices an attractive Twi’lek smuggler, Corte Voss and begins to chat her up. By appealing to his rampaging libido, Corte convinces T-Bone to help her out in case a business deal goes sour. T-Bone takes Aola to another bar on the Coruscanti Queen and remains aware for Corte’s deal. Before long, Corte’s contact, the well-dressed Trandoshan Thamoss, declines her counter-offer, and after she threatens him he calls on his hidden mercenary security to kill Corte and her crew.

There is a exchange of blaster fire in the bar, with Thamoss injuring Corte who escapes, before T-Bone injures Thamoss who likewise runs for it. Two of Corte’s crew are killed and then security arrives to break up the remaining fight. T-Bone slides into a sabbac game with some young Hutts to avoid notice.
T-Bone spends the rest of the cruise partying with the Hutts and others in the bar, while Aola makes her way to a more civilised ballroom to enjoy herself.



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