Star Wars: Imperial Entanglements

Episode III

Criminal Connections

The PCs deliver the three surviving Wookies Neesh Tensu’s group had to Chawaroo, and left the 10 Wookie pelts there for funeral rites. Returning to Truvvhhurr they report to Captain Shrire that they were unable to capture the Wookies, had some of their number killed and will return at a later date. Captain Shrire is not convinced by T-Bone and has their names put on an Imperial watch-list.

Once they get in orbit, the PCs are contacted by Kreive who reports that Unrok’s Wayfarer Medium Transport the High Wallow is under attack from two Z-95 Headhunters. The PCs assist, destroying one Z-95 and driving off the other which escapes towards a nearby Republic Consular class Cruiser/Frigate. Ormm gets the High Wallow working, and they slave it to the Deathwind Spear’s navcomputer to jump to Nar Shaddaa as requested by Unrok who promises them a reward for saving him and his ship. The PCs discover that the Consular Cruiser belongs to Kassk and he is the head of the slavery arm of the Tusi-Mardo syndicate. They also find out that Unrok is part of the Koslivic crime family, with ties to the Desilijic Kajidic.



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