Star Wars: Imperial Entanglements

Episode II

Enter the Shadowlands

Yain Bandiss is dropped from a low pass over the treetops into the Kashyyyk canopy in a drop-pod. It tracks the PCs speeder and crashes nearby. He climbs down and arrives on the top of the Wookie jedi’s tomb. He scares off the prowling Katarns with a great balster shot and joins the PCs. They escort Mallatobuck and Lumpawaroo to their speeder, but are chased by a Terentatek that they just escape. They travel to Chawaroo but the Wookie celebrations are cut short when another group of bounty hunters led by Neesh Tensu of the Tusi-Mardo syndicate spot the village and speed away. The PCs give chase causing the bounty hunters to push their ship too far and damage the engines, causing it to fall into the depths of Kashyyyk.
Spotting the Wookie prisoners the PCs follow it’s spiraling fall and eventually manage to free and rescue the Wookies with seconds to spare as the speeder is destroyed on the planet floor.



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