Star Wars: Imperial Entanglements

Episode I

Arrival on Kashyyyk

Teeubo “T-Bone” Tarkona, Aola Tarkona and Ormm are sent to Kashyyyk since *Chewbacca*’s family are in danger near the village of Kerrkorrwa. On arriving in the system they are met by a large freighter, and boarded by Unrok, a gamorrean and his droid Krieve. The PCs are given fake bounty hunter IDs arranged by Urel Haydon at Resolute Base. PCs travel to a spaceport on Kashyyyk in the city of Truvvhhurr and a attend briefing about capturing escaped Wookies. Bossk’s group want to hunt from Kerrkorrwa, but Ormm fights a young Trandoshan to get the rights. At Kerrkorrwa the PCs meet their contact, and Ithorian called Erd who informs them that Mallatobuck and Lumpawaroo were escaping to the hidden town of Chawaroo but their speeder crashed in the Shadowlands. PCs track their speeder, they find the wreckage and track the Wookies to an ancient Wookie jedi’s tomb. Aola Tarkona finds the Wookie jedi(Nagaddik, meaning Heroic Guardian)’s blue lightsaber.



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